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dope ass shit, straight outta the american west. all our clothes are sourced from new mexico, colorado, nevada, arizona, and cali – “made in america” long before AA was paying minimum wage and harassing female employees. from deep within the heart of the heart of the country, we bring you: VALLEY NIGHTS VINTAGE.


love and clothing in thriftlandia


8am, and we're off to the races - the early bird gets the worm! eight, nine, ten stores along the highway strip mall, blue light special in aisle three, dollar bins in aisle four. we’ve got our tents in the roof box and our mountain bikes on back, the highway is our home.


in thrift stores the size of texas, we comb through racks, eating out our hearts on 80s and 90s gold. a pattern catches the eye, a cut catches the light. in church sales and goodwills, we dig through the refuse of consumer culture, filling the carts with navajo and neon, hugging the road.


life becomes a blur of fluorescent lights and mothball smells, shopping plazas flying by, metallic feel of the hangers on our fingers, the sound of soft rock over grainy speakers, background music to our bin-digging flow. urban sprawl meets big sky, canyon camping yields cowboy highs. we’re with the spanish families eating $1 tacos out the parking lot truck, the old women on fixed incomes stuffing the trunk. we’re car people now, thrift people, horchata out of a styrofoam cup people, deal hunters, trash diggers, treasure seekers. we live highway days and valley nights, spilling tank tops and tracksuits out the back of the station wagon, watching them fly high in the rearview mirror, carried off across the country by the wind...



…and when on monday morning we stumble onto the berlin streets, we watch these items sail smoothly across the grey sky over the city, and we wave hello to them, these treasures we’ve brought with us to our adopted home.


would that the wind were so kind! in fact, we’ve folded our treasures carefully, compressed them in bags with the air sucked out, stuffed them into boxes, packed them onto freighters, sent them off across the atlantic. we’re in the fly by night phase now, the everything DIY phase, the dig it, load it, haul it phase, the haul ass to mauerpark at 7am phase, glitter still in our hair, lugging 100 kilos of stand supplies and clothing on our backs.


berlin, we liebe you. du bist the heimat of our soul. we hope you like what we brought you from our other, distant home.


transparency (or just another smug performance of wokeness?)


we also hope you’ll help us figure it all out. share your thoughts with us (really, bitte). we, like you, are sensitive to & weary of the aggressive neoliberal development of this city in the last three decades. late capitalism in overdrive; chris dercon takeover! we’re not really sure what we’re doing here, it’s all an experiment – but we need to pay the (fast rising) rent, so... here we go! 


questions abound. how is “value” created? is selling a brand any more or less corrupt than selling a consumer product? what is an acceptable amount of profit to turn in a society marked by grossly unequal distribution? how do you determine a “fair price” in a fundamentally unfair market context? how do you live with the consequences of gentrification without contributing to gentrification? how do you simultaneously respect local culture and contribute to multiculturalism? we don’t know the answers (who does?), so we want to be as open as possible with you as we try to figure them out. 


in solidarity,


jenna, sara, and josh

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