provisions from the american west
sun up over the rocky mountains, pile sleepy-eyed into the car. bacon and eggs at the pit stop diner, the whole country’s here for coffee, wheezy old men pouring whiskey into their mugs, high school lovers sipping milkshakes and eating fries. we roll down the windows and turn up the radio, light a joint and hit the road. in monte vista, we do cartwheels outside the motel 6. in las cruces, we trace hearts into the sand. the water towers flash by quickly now, indistinguishable aluminum smiles: loveland, crestone, pagosa springs - small towns with big soul. we spill m&ms across the desert floor, gamble away our lives on the vegas strip. and as dusk starts to fall over the pacific coast highway, the truck bed fills with vintage treasure, discarded vestments of an endlessly hopeful world.
(fotos by us + of us)

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